Mountain Biking • Sandpoint

Mountain Biking in Sandpoint, Idaho

Whether you want to go mountain biking with spectacular mountain views (Schweitzer Mountain Resort), get away in the woods for hours on end (Syringa Trails), or take a leisurely ride along Lake Pend d’Orielle, Sandpoint, Idaho has all the best mountain biking trails to offer. 

Yes, Sandpoint is known as a “walking community”, we literally have an award for this, but Sandpoint is also known for its easily accessible, and wide variety of, mountain bike trails and terrain (187 to be exact and growing every year).

Not sure where to get started? No worries, Sandpoint also has groups like Pend O’Reille Pedalers who have weekly rides, everyone is welcome to join.

Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails Near Sandpoint, Idaho

Don’t know where to start? How about these top ten trails based on Sandpoint local’s preferences. You’ll see the length of the trails as well as how long they take from start to finish so you can pack in as many runs as possible in a day.

Be sure to pack a lunch, or visit the nearby restaurants!

  • Bear Grass (Intermediate) – Did you know Schweitzer is more than an amazing ski mountain? Every year they develop more summer activities – like their mountain bike trails! Bear Grass is among the favorites and is the main blue “top to bottom” trail. This run is a view-packed 3.7 miles with -1,403 feet of descent (and only a minuscule 13-foot climb). Enjoy the ride to the top of the mountain on the Great Escape Quad and be sure to enjoy lunch at the Sky House (plus catch a sight of the 360° views of Washington, Montana and Canada).


  • Lower Basin Trails (Intermediate) – Once you get dialed into Schweitzer you are sure to meet a local who will show you the 20 miles of lower basin trails (from the resort down to the Sand Creek watershed.) The main Lower Basin Trail is 4.2 miles long with a 40-foot climb and -1,680 feet of descent. Plan for about 30 minutes for this ride.


  • Sidewinder (Intermediate) – This is among the favorites in the Selkirk Recreation District. With bermed switchbacks and plenty of loops, this singletrack is sure to please. It’s a quick fun ride that will take less than 10 minutes with a 125-foot climb and -382 feet of descent.


  • West Side Trail (Intermediate) – Another singletrack ride in Sherwood Forest (the most technical of them all). It’s a 1.4-mile ride with a mere 73-foot climb and -407 feet of descent. You’ll be in and out in 15 minutes.


  • Momentum (Easy) – A fun ride for the entire family in the Syringa Trail System. Newly built in 2020 this path is a roller coaster ride through the cedars with views looking over the Pend Oreille River.


  • Mineral Point (Intermediate) – 2.1 miles of cross-country trails on the bluff above Lake Pend Oreille. Do keep your eyes out for hikers and plan on about 30 minutes to complete this trail.


  • Bear Ridge (Intermediate) – A quick 2,700 feet of singletrack trail that takes just five minutes from start to finish. You’ll find yourself hitting up this trail on repeat!


  • Boomerang (Very Difficult) – If you’re looking for a thrill (and are an experienced rider), Boomerang is 1.2 miles of exhilaration. Just a 59-foot climb and -385 feet of descent. You’ll want to bring a friend!


  • Brush Lake – Tungsten connector (Easy) – This easy riding trail will take a while (about 40 minutes) so it’s perfect for a packed lunch. Enjoy the 1.7 miles, 350-foot climb, and only -3 feet of descent on this family-friendly ride.


  • BSR (Very Difficult) – Another Schweitzer doozy is the BSR. This quick two-minute singletrack is 1,243 feet of thrill-riding fun. Only a 22-foot climb and -32 feet of descent you’ll find yourself taking laps on this one.

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Local Mountain Biking Clubs

One of the best aspects of mountain biking is the community you can find. Because it’s not always about how fast, how steep or how technical, sometimes it is about riding alongside a new friend and the casual conversation along the ride. 

Looking to find others who enjoy your outdoor enthusiasm and your love of trail riding? The Pend O’Reille Pedalers will get you into some of the best trail systems around – riding and helping maintain these trails.

Pend O’Reille Pedalers

Now you know what those “POP” hats mean! Pend O’Reille Pedaler’s (POP) mission includes a commitment to “Build & Ride trails with others who share a passion for riding bikes”. And this local 501 (C) (3) fulfills its mission by building and maintaining bike trails in the City of Sandpoint, and in the Syringa System just west of downtown.