Rental Pricing
Rental Pricing
Rental Pricing

Daily Rental Pricing


  • Ski package 1st day $39, additional day $34

  • Ski only $30

  • Ski boot only $25

  • Ski poles only $10

  • High performance demo ski package $60

  • High performance ski only $50

  • Snowboard package 1st day $39, additional day $34

  • Snowboard only $30

  • Snowboard boot only $20

  • Kid’s ski package 1st day $29, additional day $24

  • Kid’s snowboard package 1st day $39, additional day $34

  • Helmet $10

  • Cross country package $25

  • Snowshoe package $20


*Please note that we only do daily rentals for ski and snowboard out of our Schweitzer location. Cross country and snowshoe rentals can be done at either location


Season Rental Pricing


Season rentals are a great option for kids when you don’t want to purchase new gear for your kiddos each year. Just come into the shop and we’ll get you sized up. When your gear is ready to take home it’s yours for the season. If your child outgrows their gear within the season, we’ll get them into the next size up. This program is for children up to 12 years old.


New this year we have adult season rentals, which are great for the casual skier that doesn’t want to stand in line for rentals or kids that have outgrown our Kid’s season rental program. Option to buy your gear at the end of the season for just $299.


Kid’s package $139

Kid’s high performance package $149

Adult package $299 


*Please note we only do season rentals out for our downtown location