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You should love your boots.

Let’s face it, a lot of skiers and riders don’t. Most fall into one of two categories:

  1. Your boots are dialed in and never infringe on your riding.
  2. You and your boots are engaged in battle to see who gives up first and heads into the lodge. 

We get it! We have been there…EVERYONE on the mountain has been there. This is why we don’t just sell boots, our Boot Tech’s fit boots. We want to find the best pair of boots for YOU. Our staff will spend time with you to find  this match. It’s time to win that battle and ride as long as your legs will hold on! for you all season long

At the Alpine Shop we understand the most important part of your equipment setup is your boots. The connection between you and your boots is what gives you the feedback you need to perform your best. Making sure they are fit to your specific needs is what will keep them performing perfectly for you all day long and keeping you out on the slopes.

Whether you’re looking to just enjoy the slopes with your family or looking for a race boot to take you to the next level, we can get you dialed in. We take pride in making sure you are properly fitted and have happy feet all day long.

Our boot fit guarantee

Once we’ve helped you select the perfect boot, you have the season to dial in your fit free or charge. Whether we need to heat mold them, make a couple of shell modifications, or add heel lifts, we’ve got you covered. We may suggest the addition of drop in or custom foot beds, which are an additional charge.

Issues with current boots?

We can help with that! Anything from shell modification, stance and alignment, heat molding, custom liners and custom or drop in footbeds.

Cold Feet?

We’ve all been there, it’s not uncommon in the plastic shells of a ski boot. Luckily there are a few great solutions; boot heaters or heated socks. We stock Hotronics and Thermic products that range from $255-$399 and we will happily install heaters purchased from us free of charge.